Photographic Workshops

with Mike Overlin


These workshops are a comprehensive six hour overview of cameras and how they can best be used to capture the images you need. This unique format works from the image backwards in its approach. Rather than learning the funtions of the camera and then trying to figure out how to apply them, we will look at the desired results, and then learn how to use the tools we have to achieve them.

Most of these worskshops are offered in conjunction with the Worship Arts Technology Summits and locations and times are added all the time, so keep checking back.


If you would like more info on these workshops, please email me at or call, 714 612-1484.


Thanks and I hope to see you there. - Mike




Photography in Worship
…the art of iconic imaging


Imagery has become as much a part of the worship experience in the modern church as music and corporate singing. The right photograph or video clip will often provide the perfect bridge between a concept or a mood … and your congregation. We will explore the tools of iconic imagery, starting with the camera and ending with powerful digital image development using tools like Photoshop and Lightroom. We will cover the basics of camera operation including aperture, shutter speed and depth of field as well as what you can…and can not do with your point and shoot camera. This is one of the most critical aspects of this workshop and attendees will leave understanding why certain cameras can do more than matter how many megapixels they have!


As we study the creation and manipulation of seven compelling photographs, you will discover the how and the why of effective iconic imagery.


Crafting Your Image – Photoshop and Lightroom Basics


Capturing the right image may be as simple as snapping that perfect shot and using it. More often than not however, those great images may take a little tweaking. On top of all of that, with the advent of digital cameras with larger and larger files, it becomes a real endeavor to keep track of where all those different files are! Luckily there are software solutions out there that can help in the management and manipulation of our images.


For many, programs like Apple Aperture or Adobe Lightroom will be all you need to manage and edit your photos. These are picture databases rather than browsers and offer a whole new level of sophistication and power. They work standalone or in conjunction with the world leading pixel based image editing software, Adobe Photoshop.


We will work with both types of programs to help you decide which best suits your needs and how to get the most of them in your day to day photography workflow.



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