Weddings - Engagements - Family Reunions

This is some of the most gratifying and challenging photography there is. Usually a solid 10 hours of "one shots" meaning you literally get one shot at getting it right! But when all is said and done, the results can be some of the most beautiful and honest moments caught in an image.


Event Shots

Getting that perfect shot is much more than just being in the right place at the right time. Experience and technical aptitude are key when bringing the tools of imaging to bear on the perfect moment that will capture the essence of a performance or event.


Portraits and Headshots

Portrait photography is the culmination of technical expertise and superior people skills. These shoots are the result of a relationship. Whether meeting someone for the first time, or shooting a life long friend or colleague, the photographer's job is to steal an instant of time that solidly states who the subject is.

Whether in the studio or on location, this relationship between artist and subject is key to the resultant image.


Commercial Product Shots

Effective product shots are the result of excellent lighting, great photgraphic equipment and the skill to utilize them creatively. Even though a shot may be used on-line or in a print ad, the initial technical aspects of the image are just as important as a fine art prints.





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